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If you forget the password of an RAR archive, RAR Password Unlocker may be your best choice to remove RAR password instantly. As its clear and handy interface, you can easily recover the password with the following user guide after you have downloaded RAR Password Unlocker.

NAME : Winrar Password Unlocker FREE

FILETYPE :Executable

Download Times : 371

1. Click Open to import the locked RAR archive

2. Choose an attack type to remove RAR password.

Note: There are three attack types in our program for you to recover RAR password: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack.

3. Attack settings

Option 1: If you choose Brute-force Attack, the program will try all possible combinations without any settings, which may take a long time to recover RAR password.

Option 2: If you choose Brute-force with Mask Attack, click Brute- force on the taskbar after that.

Please specify the mask or make settings to decrease the total number of passwords to be verified and shorten your time with password length, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, prefix and suffix.

For Example, if you know that your forgotten RAR password contains 5-9 characters which is composed of letters, numbers, symbols. And it starts with "M", ends with "n", then you can set the options like this:

1. Check the a-z box, 0-9 box, A-Z box and symbol box.
2. Set Prefix ="M", Suffix="n";
3. Set Min Length = "3" and Max Length ="7".

Note: For there are 2 characters known as "M" and "n", thus the unknown password length must be 3 to 7.

Option 3: If you choose Dictionary Attack, click the checkbox and the Dictionary on the taskbar

Note: Smart Mutations allows you to try combinations among passwords in the dictionary. For example, if you choose the mutation as "2", then the program will try any combinations with every two passwords in the dictionary after trying single password.

Besides, you can add your own dictionary to the program. Select Add Dictionary File and import your own dictionary.

4. Click Start button on the taskbar to remove RAR password

NAME : Winrar Password Unlocker FREE

FILETYPE :Executable

Download Times : 371

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